Installing a solar battery as a part of your solar system means you can store extra energy your solar panels produce instead of feeding it directly into the grid, maximising the ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels during low light periods and at night times.  Newer systems also have what is called ‘island mode’ which enables use of solar power at times when the state power networks are down. Most south Australian’s are at the mercy of the current power system which we know has failed in recent times, often at the most crucial of times. We are at the mercy of interstate power backup, and the elements.  Having a battery installed can give you that peace of mind.

Battery benefits include; having that backup when you need it the most, maximising usage and savings over time, reduced carbon footprint and it’s a relatively easy installation procedure.

Go4Solar start the process by installing a device that produces the solar analytics and in turn data on how much energy is being sent to the grid via your panels.  The data produced from this device is available in an online reporting tool so you can track exactly how you are using solar. This also helps us to correctly and efficiently determine what size and type of battery is right for you. Using the analytics, Go4Solar will discuss with you the total cost of the battery system versus the expected output over its lifetime, whether you have the required space for the battery you need and whether the battery can store and supply enough energy for your needs.

This process takes between 3 – 12 months to enable to collect all relevant data and analytics. This is to ensure your peace of mind that the battery system installed is exactly right for you.  Go4Solar takes the stress out of researching what type and size of battery that best suits you. Once we have the data, and have consulted with you on the size and type of battery, the actual installation of the solar battery system only takes 1 – 2 days depending on the system.

The cooler winter months are the perfect time to start the process. We pride ourselves on our solar services, and making sure the battery system will be the perfect fit as it’s a long term investment.   Be secure in the knowledge that you have backup power when you need it the most. Get in touch with the Go4Solar team to discuss on (08) 8326 7751.