NEW Solar ‘Switch Disconnect’ Regulations

As a Premier South Australian Solar Company we aim to stay on top of updates to regulations with South Australia. 

It is now a requirement that all new or replacement inverter Installations require a “Switch Disconnect” setup in order for your system to be legal in SA.  These new regulations came into force late 2020, and have caused a lot of confusion for consumers, solar installers and solar retailers in SA, and there is still some uncertainty around the impact on the SA rooftop solar industry.


Switch Connect requires an inverter to meet new voltage ride requirements with all smart meters installed after 28th September 2020 requiring at least two elements and inverters with internet capability. 

All PV systems need to be capable of remote disconnection and reconnection with a ‘Relevant Agent’, for example Go4Solar and Electrical who would be responsible for turning a system off and on in the instance of an emergency”

Switch disconnect is actually completed at the network level  (SA power networks in SA ) they normally do it to all connected solar in selected suburb/s at a time rather than picking individual houses.

 An energy retailer or solar installer has no control over switch disconnect once setup. They are however legally required to make sure there is a permanent internet connection at point of install to facilitate the switch disconnect.


There are a variety of different size solar batteries to choose from.  It’s important to first know your energy needs and the best way to do that is via a Go4Solar thorough energy evaluation, completed using an assessment of your power bill history.

It’s then worth a discussion around the battery that would work best for you. If you decide to get a hybrid system, decide whether or not you want that system to provide you with backup power during a blackout. By law, solar systems must not use technology that can send power out to the grid during a blackout, so the network switches them off. There are some systems that do enable you to use your stored power for your house during a blackout (and not send to the grid) but these are more expensive. We also take into consideration warranties on these systems.

Solar Systems and Batteries are an investment and we pride ourselves on getting you the best solution for your home or commercial space. 

Have questions about Switch Connect or want to discuss how this relates to your current system?  Get in touch for a complimentary chat with our Go4Solar team.