Is your solar system ready for a maintenance check? 


Has your solar system been quietly giving you energy for the last few years without any issues? Do you want it to stay that way?


Would you drive your car for years on end without servicing it? Of course not, because you realise that not servicing your car would be detrimental to its long-term operation. It would not run properly and eventually something would break or fail making it not fit to use.  It’s the same with solar. 

Over the course of 12 months or longer, a number of factors can readily impact the effective operation of your system. Solar panels especially can be an issue as they are permanently out in the open and fully exposed to the elements 24/7.

Just like a car, your solar system needs an annual check-up, otherwise you are losing out on energy savings and energy savings means $$$ in your back pocket. Some of the major negative impacts on Solar systems are sometimes the simplest things to fix.  


The number one issue in reduced energy generation is “Dirty Solar Panels”.

Depending on the amount of Dirt, Dust, Bird Droppings, and general roof debris accumulated, solar panel production can decrease by up to and over 30%. This is a significant addition to your power bill that can be reversed simply by regularly having your panels cleaned. The difference between energy generation between a clean and dirty panel is significant.                            


Other issues that can stop you from producing the maximum power from your system (and eventually stop solar production altogether) are…

  • A build-up of leaves and other matter, such as bird or rodent nests under panels.
  • Defects to the panels including fractures, snail trails, browning, moisture penetration and corrosion.
  • Signs of arcing and water ingress on DC isolators
  • AC and DC wiring corrosion or rodent damage
  • Loose connections throughout your system
  • Condition of your inverter including Incorrect operating voltages and currents (this is especially important in South Australia due to the high rate of Solar uptake and the amount of energy being put back into the grid via home solar installations)

Installing Solar Panels and systems is a serious investment and as with any other investment in order for it to function at its best, requires maintenance.

Why not book in your maintenance services today so your solar system and panels can be at optimum capacity over the upcoming summer. Our maintenance services can be found here

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