Are you looking for a reliable company to look after your solar panel maintenance and repair?  We have 8 years experience and many happy clients.   Solar companies were in their hundreds as little as five years  ago, when it was the ‘cool’ thing to  install solar.  In recent years many have closed their doors leaving clients without a reliable maintenance company.

Regular maintenance

It is highly recommended that if you have a solar system, that you have it inspected annually for maintenance and cleaning. Go4Solar + Electrical offer a solar panel maintenance check that will cover panels, railing, wiring and inverters.  Ensuring your panels are running at peak performance, will in the long run save you money and increase the efficiency of your system.

Your energy system can decrease in efficiency by as much as 20% over time if your solar panels aren’t regularly cleaned or the cabling and connections aren’t checked to ensure their integrity. Dirt and grime build up makes it difficult for your solar panels to absorb sunlight properly.  Go4Solar + Electrical can remove dirt and grime that has accumulated on the surface of your system and check your entire system for any defects. Go4Solar + Electrical charges $80 for the cleaning of the first five panels and $5 for each extra panel thereafter. (Extra cost may be included for double storey buildings). Our annual maintenance program (including warranty inspections) is also available.

Our annual maintenance program includes…

A Visual check

  • Check for any defects to the panels; fractures, browning, moisture penetration, corrosion and we will report if panels require cleaning.

  • Check for build-up of leaves and other matter, such as bird or rodent nests under panels.

  • Check and tighten any loose bolts on the panel mounting system.

  • Check DC isolators for signs of arcing and water ingress.

  • Check AC and DC wiring for corrosion or rodent damage.

  • Check all isolator enclosures.

  • Check condition of the inverter.

An Electrical check

  • Carry out a full electrical test of each string of panels.

  • Check relative circuit breakers, safety switches (RCD’s),solar isolation switch, earth fault protection and external enclosures.

  • Check all AC and DC wiring and ensure all wiring connections are secure.

  • Measure all electrical characteristics, operating voltages and currents, short circuit voltages and currents.

  • Check labeling and replace where necessary.

  • Report on the system performance.

Go4Solar + Electrical will be able to identify any issues before they happen. An annual check will help to fix a problem with your system and save you money on repair costs and rectify damage before the issue gets worse.

Get in touch with our friendly team and we can find out where your warranty is up to.  Now is the time to get your panels cleaned and maintained. Call us today on (08) 8326 7751.