Go4Solar and Electrical are excited to announce a Partnership with SMA, becoming part of their exclusive PowerUP Dealership Program, a newly supported-network approach to serving the booming residential and commercial rooftop markets, based on years of high quality service by SMA to the Solar Industry globally.  Membership to the SMA Powerup Dealer Network is a very limited Industry offering available only to carefully selected solar providers.

What is the PowerUP Program?

The PowerUP Program recognises the importance of developing deep expertise, and offering the highest level of solar system Installation, Service and Support.  The program  ensures Australia’s leading Solar Companies are trained in the design and capabilities of SMA product ranges, exclusive sales and marketing materials, business-development support, and special bundles for consumers that will be available only through PowerUP dealers and can include warranty upgrades.  

The Selection Process

To ensure SMA upheld the highest level of excellence, there was a fairly intense selection process for the PowerUP dealers which included a short-list process that delved into market approach, their vision and the alignment of their current brand with that of SMA. Go4Solar and Electrical were approached by SMA as a trusted installer with an excellent reputation.  To date there are only 2 other South Australian Solar Providers selected as part of the program. As soon as SMA have the required geographical coverage across Australia, the limited offering to the industry will be closed.

“It’s a privilege and it’s rewarding,” says Garth James, who heads up Go4Solar in Lonsdale, South Australia. “SMA has recognised that we’re a stable company and we’ve got runs on the board.” He adds that his client base of some 1,400 customers “are all asking about the battery subsidy we have in South Australia”.

A select group of SMA dealers joins SMA staff to celebrate their newly formed PowerUP alliance.
faImage: pv magazine/Natalie Filatoff

Why Consumers will benefit

SMA will support their approved dealers in having a more detailed “eye on consumers” than ever before.  As solar began to take ground fairly quickly in Australia, there ended up being a range of solar providers that did not necessarily uphold the values SMA PowerUP dealers do, so consumers can be confident in their selection of a SMA PowerUP dealer, helping consumers make the right choice.

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