Solar Battery Systems Adelaide

Grid connect battery systems

This is a big developing market and is the next big thing to consider when looking at becoming less dependent on the supply of power from the national grid. The battery power can be used to reduce peak loads during the day together with power coming from your solar system. The batteries will also supplement power after sunlight hours.It is important to understand that the current battery systems don’t allow you to use the battery power in a situation when the  grid is down, however in time this will change.

Existing solar battery systems

We will soon be able to supply and retrofit hybrid inverters with batteries to any existing system. This will manage the charging and discharging of stored power increasing self consumption and reducing the export of unused power to the grid at current low feed in tarrifs.

New solar battery systems

Most renowned companies have already started to offer their particular storage products, however still don’t have a complete solution that covers everything. ie: they have launched with either a single phase or three phase system.

Stand alone systems

This is a very specialised field compared to grid connected solar. We design each system by taking into account the client’s specific power usage and requirements. There is a large range of hardware that we can choose from. Currently the batteries we use are the sealed Gel batteries which are currently cheaper, however in future we will be able to use the LFP batteries when they become more available and cost effective.

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